Welcome and thanks for visiting my website.

Photography, in its various forms, has been in existence since 1826 and over the years, has gone though many transformational changes: the first colour photographs appeared in the 1890's; digital cameras for consumers first appeared in the late 1990's, shortly followed by the first mobile phone with a digital camera.

The latest mobile phones have the ability to record digital images that far exceed the file size and detail of images produced by the best digital cameras of just 20 years ago. Now just about everyone can produce hundreds of good quality images. This has led to a transformation in how people view and share images.

As a result of these most recent developments, I have decided to focus my efforts (no pun intended!) on sharing my images through my Flickr pages

Consequently, I will not be renewing my licence for this website when it expires in early 2025.

May I take this opportunity to thank the thousands of people who have visited this site over the last 10 years - your support and comments have been greatly appreciated.
See you on Flickr!!